This month, Sensible Heating & Cooling has a clean-breathing-money-saving deal for you. When you purchase a high-efficiency A/C, furnace or full system, we’ll install a free iWave Air Purifier.* With this nearly $1,900-savings, you’re well on your way to cleaner, healthier air within your home.

Made with innovative technology, iWave generates nature-like ions and releases them into your home’s air stream to break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon monoxide and water vapor. Together, the particles make their way through the air and into your home’s air filter leaving fewer air-borne allergens, viruses, smells, smoke and more.

Fewer particles within your home mean fewer respiratory problems. And better still, iWave air-purifying devices require little to no maintenance, cleaning or replacement parts. Watch an iWave video to learn more. Give Sensible Heating & Cooling a call at 720-876-7166; we’ll discuss your residential HVAC needs and help you to achieve maximum comfort and peace of mind and healthy within your home.

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