A Year of Giving Back: Our Partnership with Food for Hope

We couldn’t be prouder of our customers who committed to giving back this past year. In a time when everything was uncertain, people stepped up to show that they were sure about doing good in the community. For that, we’re grateful.

Our partnership with Adams County-based nonprofit, Food for Hope, started in February of 2020. We wanted to find a way to give back to those in need, and this has been a fruitful partnership for everyone involved. Food for Hope works diligently to combat childhood hunger because no child should go hungry. Since the inception of our partnership, more and more families and children have been fed, and we’re planning to keep it that way.

Your Community Impact in Numbers

Funds raised for Food for Hope help pay for thousands of emergency nutritious food bags that are then distributed to three school districts in the northern metro Denver area every month.

These families and children depend on these food bags, and you’re helping to provide them.

In May 2020, $500 in donations was raised, helping to supply over 125 emergency nutritious food bags to families and children in need. 

In June 2020, $750 in donations was raised, helping to supply over 180 emergency nutritious food bags to even more families and children in need.

And the numbers continued to grow throughout the year. By August 2020, a total of over $2,500 had been raised, helping to distribute over 600 emergency nutritious food bags.

In total, $4,050 was raised from February-December 2020, resulting in over 1,000 emergency nutritious food bags distributed. Since the start of 2021, we’ve already raised $1,100. 

This is all thanks to you. And we’re continuing to show our appreciation, through 2021, by having the donations sent in each customer’s name. 

Let’s Continue to Give Back to Our Community

If you need a new furnace, A/C, or full HVAC system, contact us to schedule a free estimate, and we’ll donate $25 to Food for Hope on your behalf. If you commit to installing a furnace or A/C with us, the donation increases to $50. And if you have Sensible install a full HVAC system, we’ll donate $100. Because when you trust Sensible with your heating and cooling needs, you’re doing so much more than just improving the quality of your home; you’re 

improving the lives of families and children in Adams County.

About Food for Hope: The Adams County-based children’s charity is on a mission to empower and strengthen the future of our communities by providing nutritious food to children in need. In 2018, Food for Hope volunteers helped distribute more than 15,000 nutritious food bags to families and children. And last summer, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Food for Hope volunteers were able to pack and distribute 23,400 bags of food to families and children in Adams County, including Westminster Public Schools, 27J Schools, and Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Food for Hope’s goal is to one day help children in every school district in Adams County and help students who may not receive adequate food at home. 

And we couldn’t be prouder to continue our partnership with Food for Hope in 2021! 

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