If you stay up on Sensible Heating & Cooling blogs, you’ve already gotten a brief introduction to our friend, Kerry Urbaniak, president of KVU Energy Consulting, Inc. As you may recall, Urbaniak invited Sensible’s Co-Owner, Phil Jensen, to join him at this month’s ProGreen EXPO, to share his proficiency of traditional and geothermal HVAC systems via a Q & A session following Urbaniak’s presentation, How to Manage Energy Costs and Improve Efficiencies for Greenhouse Growing.

Urbaniak says what drew his attention to Sensible was our deeply rooted devotion to geothermal. Urbaniak’s company, KVU Energy Consulting, Inc., is similarly focused on energy-efficiency and renewable sources. And while his company, which assists indoor agricultural companies with energy- and facility-management tasks to maintain optimal growth environments for improved bottom line and reduced environmental impact, is not super well-known, he strongly believes geothermal has great potential. And when combined with solar thermal, it offers some of the best options for shifting to more efficient systems.

What was a chance meeting, now has both Urbaniak and Jensen connected and moving ahead to develop solutions aimed at decreasing energy waste within the indoor agricultural business. We look forward to reporting on the duo’s paired successes.

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