We often discuss the great rebates available through Xcel Energy for high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, but we are pleased to share an additional way to save while making your home greener: tax credits on qualifying HVAC equipment. As provided for under the “Consolidated Appropriations Act” signed into law on December 15, 2015, the IRS continues to provide consumers with federal tax credits on home improvements including installation of certain high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

2016 Tax Credits for Heating and Cooling

Residential HVAC equipment–including air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas, oil, or propane furnaces can qualify for up to $300 in tax credits. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this tax credit incentive, please let us know, and we can let you know about qualifying equipment (note that not all Energy Star equipment meets the criteria for this program).
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We’re very happy that this tax credit program has been extended in order to make energy efficient HVAC a more affordable option for homeowners. Contact Dan at 720.876.7166 or dan@sensibleheat.net to learn more.