Home-Heating Preservation: The Boiler Legacy

Is your home’s heating system anchored by a boiler? If so, consider yourself living among a piece of history as boilers are one of the oldest methods of heating. A boiler system works by heating up an allotted water supply and moving it throughout the radiators inside a home; the circulated water keeps your home warm and toasty until it cools, returns to the tank and starts the process over again.

Boiler maintenance requires a thorough understanding of a home’s water distribution system. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, our highly trained and skilled HVAC technicians have extensive experience maintaining, repairing and replacing heating systems of all historical eras in residences across Colorado.

If you are experiencing issues with your home-heating system, or are concerned about the safety of an older system as we creep closer to winter, contact us today by calling 720-876-7166 or emailing Sensible Owners, Dan Schmied or Phil Jensen. We offer reasonably-priced furnace and boiler checkouts, as well as various repair services.