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The Time is Now: Geothermal Solutions Savings

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 lives on, but at least one component of it is nearing competition. Tax credits for residential geothermal heat pumps cease in 2022, and Sensible Heating & Cooling wants to help you act upon these savings while they last. If you’re considering ways to reduce your carbon footprint, increase energy-savings [...]

Alternative Energy Options for Home-Heating

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we’re fond of electric heat, and it’s for good reason, too. Because systems and equipment associated with providing electric heat convert all incoming energy into warmth, they are 100 percent energy-efficient. This compared to heat coming from combustible appliances fueled by natural gas and propane, which only convert an estimated [...]

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New Construction & Alternative Energy Options

With the new construction market picking up again, more homeowners are opting for custom-built homes. There are quite a few energy options that are available now that were not around several years ago when custom built homes were popular. Here are a few options that homeowners who are looking to build in 2013 should consider. [...]

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Design #1 Condensing Boiler with Six Solar Panels

Posted below is the first design for discussion. It is designed for use with a 90%+ boiler and solar thermal panels. The exact system is specd with 6 Viessmann Flat collectors and 180 gallons of storage. It will save between 40therms-79 therms if it is replacing a 80% eff. boiler and a standard water heater. [...]

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