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Air-Source Heat Pumps on Deck to Deliver Energy, Cost-Savings

Ever heard of an Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP)? If not, allow us to get you properly acquainted. These guys, an underutilized resource for residential HVAC needs, will seamlessly convert cool outside air into warm inside temperatures Under the right conditions, they can reduce home-heating expenses by an estimated 50 percent, while delivering up to three [...]

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Make The Switch To A Heat Pump To Keep Cool

We have been blogging and posting about air conditioners lately. This is a great time of year to tune up your air conditioner or possibly evaluate replacing an old unit! While new air conditioners are more efficient, better for the environment and eligible for rebates, there is something else to consider for your cooling needs [...]

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What is a Heat Pump?

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding heat pumps and what they actually provide for your home. Here are a few facts about heat pumps, and the benefits they can provide homeowners when they are retrofit into your home in place of a traditional HVAC system. · Heat pumps function both as a [...]

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