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Sensible Heating & Cooling Shares Geothermal Expertise at Denver Green Technology Conference

Even Sensible Heating & Cooling gets by with a little help from our friends. And in this case, its Kerry Von Urbaniak, of KVU Energy Consulting, Inc. Von Urbaniak will speak at the upcoming, ProGreen EXPO, Feb. 5-7, at the Colorado Convention Center, and has requested Sensible’s Co-Owner, Phil Jensen, join him to share his [...]

UV Lights for Your Home: Zap Those Bugs!

This cold and flu season has been quite the doozy.  At the doctor last week, she just sat down and asked, "So, do you have what everyone else has?" And though it might be run-of-the-mill for doctors, when you or your family is suffering from YET ANOTHER illness, it feels pretty significant.  So you might be wondering [...]

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System Replacement: Should You Upgrade Now?

Last week we talked about why you might think about replacing your furnace before the cold weather leaves for good.  But there are also some really good reasons for doing a whole system replacement--both air conditioner and furnace. Yes, even in February! Benefits to System Replacement System more efficient and easier to maintain. Did you [...]

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Get Ready! 2015 Financing Has Arrived!

2015 financing! We offered financing for 2014 and our customers loved it! So, back by popular demand, we are offering financing to any of our customers looking to install a new furnace, new air conditioner, complete system, geothermal system or even a heat pump. We still have quite a bit of winter left to go [...]

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Who Benefits Most From Geothermal?

While any homeowner who is able to make the switch over to Geothermal will see benefits such as a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills, there is one customer that will see the largest decrease in energy costs. Can you guess? Those with bigger homes? Those with smaller homes? Those with brand new homes? [...]

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Can I Get Geothermal?

Word about Geothermal has certainly been circulating lately. A lot of people are hearing about it in the context of new home construction and aren’t sure if it is something that they could switch to with their existing home. It can certainly be confusing trying to understand if you are a good fit for a [...]

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Extend The Life Of Your Furnace

In Colorado, most furnaces will last between 15-20 years, but our clients are always interested to learn how to get more years out of their furnaces. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your furnace running more efficiently and for longer. Annual Maintenance: First and foremost, you will want to invest [...]

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