Clean-Breathing for All

If it looks as though you’ll be spending more time at home over the next few weeks, consider pre-emptively taking measures to purify the air within your home. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite industry tips and tricks for clean-breathing; see them below. And remember, at Sensible Heating & Cooling, we always offer complimentary [...]

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Summer Tip

With the heat of summer here people often focus on their air conditioners and forget about their furnaces. Why should you worry about your furnace during the summer? Well, your furnace is actually the source of cooling for your home. You see, when your air conditioner pushes that cool air into your home, it goes [...]

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Stop The Spread Of Germs!

re you and your family sick with cold and flu viruses? Well, you are not alone. According to the CDC, the cold and flu season most likely just peaked within the last few weeks but that means that we still have a long way to go until we are out of the woods. If you [...]

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Too Late For An Air Conditioner Tuneup?

We have been getting calls over the past week or so from our customers wondering if it is too late to do a tuneup on their A/C. While it may seem silly to get a “spring” service on your air conditioner since we are creeping towards the middle part of the summer, we want to [...]

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Sensible Heating & Cooling’s New Filter Website!

We are excited to announce our brand new filter website! After years of watching our clients struggle to find the correct filter for their home HVAC system, we finally decided to cut out the middle man and create our own site for our clients to order from directly. The site went live in September, just [...]

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Which Filter is Best for My Furnace?

It can be very confusing to choose the best filter for your furnace, especially since there is such a large range in price on filters. Which filters are best for your system? Here are a few guidelines on different filters and how they can benefit your system the most – or least! · Fiberglass or [...]

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