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Ring in the New Year with Geothermal Savings from Sensible

Make Sensible Heating & Cooling your geothermal accomplice in the New Year. We’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to transform your home’s heating and cooling system(s) into something more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Residential HVAC solutions, such as air-sourced heat pumps, radiant flooring and zoned heating and cooling, could minimize your impact on the environment, while [...]

Geothermal Tax Credits Converge with Sensible Discount for Added Home-Comfort

Is 2020 your year for geothermal? Combine Sensible Heating & Cooling’s 4% discount for new, upgraded or replacement geothermal solutions with diminishing government tax credits and you’ll save. But we’re warning you: Time is running out. Government Tax Credits Select residential renewable energy HVAC projects commencing within the 2021 calendar year may be eligible for [...]

Who Saves The Most With Geothermal?

One of our specialties is alternative energy- we truly have a passion for helping make our clients’ homes more energy efficient. We often get asked about Geothermal. More specifically, we get asked who will see the most benefit from switching over to Geothermal. While anyone who is able to make the switch over to Geothermal [...]

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