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Sensible Choices for Our Environment & Communities

When Choosing an HVAC company you want someone with the right experience to get the job done and knowledge there is more at stake. Beginning March 1, 2020, choosing Sensible Heating & Cooling’s expertise also comes with a greater sense of purpose for you, your community and the world we live in. We are joining [...]

Carbon Footprint: Decoding a Trendy Environmental Catch Phrase

It’s a trendy phrase we see on the news, in marketing collateral and affiliated with commercial brands; but what does it really mean? We’re talking about the catch phrase, “carbon footprint.” According to the Oxford Dictionary, carbon footprint is defined as “the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption [...]

Ring in the New Year with Geothermal Savings from Sensible

Make Sensible Heating & Cooling your geothermal accomplice in the New Year. We’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to transform your home’s heating and cooling system(s) into something more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Residential HVAC solutions, such as air-sourced heat pumps, radiant flooring and zoned heating and cooling, could minimize your impact on the environment, while [...]

Proactive Approaches to Ensure Warmth (Not Worry) This Winter

When outdoor temperatures drop and brisk winter air settles in, many of us turn to our home furnaces for warmth. Protect yourself from unruly carbon monoxide (CO) dangers emitted from ill-operating furnaces with these tips from Sensible Heating & Cooling.   Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips   Seasonal maintenance. When you defer your home-heating needs to [...]

Geothermal-Savings Make all the Difference on New or Replacement Systems

Whether you’re considering a geothermal HVAC solution for your home, or you’ve already deployed the forward-thinking infrastructure , we commend you. Knowing full-well the investment to purchase and deploy these systems, Sensible Heating & Cooling is currently offering a 4% discount on new, upgraded or replacement geothermal solutions, when scheduled for Q1 2020 project launch. [...]

Anything but Your Typical HVAC Company

There are your ​typical residential HVAC companies, and then there’s Sensible Heating & Cooling. As Denver’s Premier Heating and Cooling Company, we’re anything but ordinary. Metro Area clients – past and present – recognize Sensible as a devoted partner in their traditional and alternative HVAC techniques. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s our employees who make [...]

Furnace Services Available For Mountain Areas

The temperatures are starting to cool off along the Front Range. For most of us, we are enjoying opening the windows at night and not running our air conditioners as much. However, for our friends in the mountains, it is starting to get pretty chilly! We just wanted to remind everyone that we not only [...]

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Little Known Benefits of Geothermal Systems

While working the WaterFurnace booth at this year’s home show it has become apparent to those of us at Sensible Heating & Cooling that there a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to geothermal heating and cooling. We wanted to just take a moment and tell you why geothermal systems truly are the wave [...]

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Benefits to a Geothermal System

As we head into 2014, we are seeing more and more inquiries from homeowners who are considering installing a geothermal system for their homes. There are many benefits to geothermal systems – here are just a few. · Excellent Return on Investment: Although the initial cost of the geothermal system is relatively high, you will [...]

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