Ring in the New Year with Geothermal Savings from Sensible

Make Sensible Heating & Cooling your geothermal accomplice in the New Year. We’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to transform your home’s heating and cooling system(s) into something more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Residential HVAC solutions, such as air-sourced heat pumps, radiant flooring and zoned heating and cooling, could minimize your impact on the environment, while [...]

Make The Switch To A Heat Pump To Keep Cool

We have been blogging and posting about air conditioners lately. This is a great time of year to tune up your air conditioner or possibly evaluate replacing an old unit! While new air conditioners are more efficient, better for the environment and eligible for rebates, there is something else to consider for your cooling needs [...]

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Zoning Your Home.

A lot of people have trouble keeping a consistent temperature throughout their house – especially if there is more than one floor. Often times the upstairs section of the home is a different temperature than the lower levels. This is especially true during the summer months. It is hard to keep the upstairs rooms from [...]

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Cool Down This Summer With Fans.

When the heat of the summer sets in some of our clients want to know if having fans in their homes will make enough of a difference so that they don’t have to use an air conditioner or they could potentially use them less often. We recommend evaluating attic fans and whole house fans as [...]

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