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The Cold Truth: Diagnosing an AC System Malfunction

It's 100-degrees outside and you’re sweating bullets indoors because your air conditioner isn’t working properly. It’s time for a system-recharge, right? Not so fast. There are few times when additional refrigerant should be added to an AC. These highly occasional occurrences are: if there’s a leak, if the unit wasn’t installed properly or if it's [...]

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Unseasonable Overnight Lows Become Motivation for Fall, Winter

Although Mother Nature appears a bit conflicted this summer with her late June snowstorms and below average daily temperatures, we need not forget Colorado’s high altitude routinely serves up cooler nights, no matter the season. If you live in the Foothills of Denver – Genesee, Morrison and Conifer, consider using these early-summer lows as motivation [...]

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Mini-Split Systems Pack a Might Punch, Energy Cost-Savings

Go big or go home. Not the case if you’re a ductless mini-split system. These non-traditional HVAC systems – also, known as a mini split or ductless split – pack a punch with their small, but mighty ability to heat and/or cool a large room or open floor of a home. Mounted on walls or [...]

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Sensible Offers Annual Service Agreements

A lot of our clients don’t know this, but we offer three different levels of service agreements to help our customers keep their heating and cooling system running in tip-top shape. Our service agreement levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) provide various services including annual tune-ups and inspections, guaranteed emergency service and reduced rates for repairs. [...]

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Never Too Late For A TuneUp

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching which marks the end of summer. But don’t get fooled. We still have plenty of hot days ahead of us! If you haven’t gotten your air conditioner tuned up, it’s not too late. Air conditioners that haven’t received a tune up are most likely not running as efficiently as [...]

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How Long Will My A/C Last?

As we head into the heat of summer, some of our clients have been wondering if they need a new air conditioner. We often get the question: “How long should my air conditioner last me?” It is hard to put a specific number on how many years your air conditioner will last. It really depends [...]

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Let Your Air Conditioner Breathe!

In the spirit of summer, we have another tip to share with you regarding your air conditioner. Here it is: It is very important for your air conditioner to have lots air to run. (That may sound a little silly but hear us out.) Many people like to try to hide their air conditioner – [...]

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