Good news for Sensible Heating & Cooling customers who may not have previously qualified for rebates on our geothermal heat pump installations. A recent reinterpretation of the rules allows all residents opting for the more energy efficient method to qualify for the Ground Source Heat Pump (GHSP) rebate program. Prior to the ruling, those who used their natural gas services could not qualify.

It appears that Xcel shares our same enthusiasm about getting as many homes switched to geothermal energy as possible. Geothermal heat pumps either draw heat out of the ground or use it as a heat sink to increase the efficiency in both heating and cooling your home. Outside of the rebate, the installations lead to savings on your energy bill in all seasons, decrease your carbon footprint, and reduce the wear and tear on your units by allowing them to work harder, not smarter.

We love what we do at Sensible Heating & Cooling because after years in the industry we have finally found the tools to set up your home, and your monthly budgets, for success. We see energy efficiency as a mutually beneficial enterprise, which is why we maintain a strong relationship with Xcel Energy in order to help customers procure their rebates and to keep in conversation with them about the latest and greatest in reesidentail HVAC technology. We also provide customers tips and the most expert system configurations to get the absolute most out of your bottom line in home energy usage. Both new homes and homes with the traditional furnace/AC model are welcome!

Set up a free consultation by calling 720-876-7166 or by emailing owner Dan Schmied at to schedule your appointment, and see what it takes to make the switch to geothermal energy!