Winter is just around the corner. And according to the Farmers’ Almanac’s, this year’s winter is expected to bring cooler temperatures than in winters past with above-normal snowfall. Are you prepared? Sensible Heating & Cooling suggests these simple steps to get ahead of the cold season:

  1. Service Your Furnace. Give your furnace some love with a careful step-by-step inspection of its safety and operational well-being. The first chilly day is the best time to check if the furnace is working properly, you’ll also want to change the filter. Take note of how your furnace smells; if you notice a gassy scent after you turn it on, call Sensible Heating & Cooling immediately. And if your furnace is older than five-years, be certain to schedule a checkup. If you wait until the wintry weather takes over, it might be a chilly wait for maintenance!
  2. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector. This small, life-saving device notifies you when Carbon Monoxide is present in your home. Put your fears of Carbon Monoxide, aka “the silent killer,” aside by ensuring the batteries of your detector are replaced frequently and the device is in good working order before the furnace is turned on for winter.
  3. Consider an Annual Service Agreement. An Annual Service Agreement (ASA) offers an extension of support well beyond the initial install of your home heating and cooling systems. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we stand firmly behind our ASAs. Customers can choose from one of three agreement levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze – to ensure your home’s air conditioner, furnace, and/or other systems are running in tip-top shape. Our ASAs include yearly tune-ups and inspections, guaranteed emergency service, and reduced rates for repairs.

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we take winter safety and proper functioning of your home’s air conditioner, furnace, and/or other systems seriously. Call Sensible Heating & Cooling today at 720-876-7166 to schedule home heating and cooling system inspections before winter is upon us. If you call between now and Friday, Oct. 15,* we’ll complete maintenance on both systems for the price of one, saving you time and money. This buy-one-get-one-free offer is a $132 money-saving deal, with our experienced service technicians completing both calls at one time. If it turns out you need a new air conditioner or furnace, Sensible offers 18-months zero percent financing on new installations. Don’t delay, time is as precious as heat and cool air. Sensible Heating & Cooling is licensed to complete furnace certifications and checkups in Denver and the foothills area.

*Restrictions may apply