What’s So Smart About These Newfangled Thermosats?

What’s So Smart About These Newfangled Thermosats?

Technology is only as good as its usefulness, and smart thermostats are no exception. As we allow more and more home appliances access to our wifi connections, it is important to ask: How exactly will this improve my life?

While we at Sensible Heating & Cooling are perfectly happy to install the most rudimentary model of thermostats (they work and they last!), we would also like to offer up a few scenarios where having a smart thermostat can pay off.

Oh No…

* I forgot to turn the air conditioning off and the bill is going to skyrocket.

* I dread the thought of going home to a hot or cold house.

* I’m worried that the dog is roasting and I’m stuck here at work.

This, hook line and sinker, is the primary advantage to smart thermostats. Having the capability to remotely control your home climate with an app on your mobile device or from a computer at work will solve all of these scenarios. Feel free to come up with more conundrums, and be as creative as you’d like.

Drawing the Line

Maybe you work a small office, and the usual scenario plays out. Each employee carries around different ideas about what is too hot, and what is far too cold. There is always the extremely uncomfortable coworker, who happens to be quite insistent. Is the battle for control that worth anybody’s time? Smart thermostats can play manager. With password protection or certain app settings you can easily program the device to only allow certain users to modify the indoor conditions.

Take Some Advice and Optimize

Let’s face it, humans have way fuzzier logic than smart homes. Algorithms and hard data is more reliable in consistent decision making and it stays focused on the task at hand. And us? Well…we’re busy.

Spending a few hours with your smart thermostat’s manual, and even a few minutes on the phone with their tech support while attempting to program it, can pay off huge in the long run. Once you get those settings walking that fine line between maintaining comfortable levels in your home while using the least amount of energy possible, you will understand. These things pay attention and do their jobs well!

It’s a Little Shallow, but…

What about the beauty? With market-tested product and user designs, the touch-screen control of an iPhone, and sensors to make screens go black when not in use, there’s nothing like punching up the look and feel of your home by replacing that old mechanical thermostat. Maybe it’s a conversation starter with company, maybe it just makes you happy to look at, or maybe it’s just another fun thing on your

phone to keep track of while waiting in line. Make no mistake, smart thermostat makers didn’t leave out any of the cool found in the rest of this technological age we live in.

So, if you’re getting a new install or having a repair done, swapping out for a smart thermostat can be a real treat. Don’t be afraid to grill us with our opinions and experiences with smart thermostats, and models available. We would be happy to spruce up your home and make your life a little easier with the latest and greatest. Call us at 720-876-7166 or email the owner at dan@sensibleheat.net for free estimates or to schedule a service call. We are always happy to help your home climate be at its best!

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