Unusual Tips for a Happy, Healthy Air Conditioning Unit

Unusual Tips for a Happy, Healthy Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning unit can be a temperamental beast, but when handled with care, it will purr like a kitten!
In no particular order, here are some of our unusual tips for a happy, healthy air conditioning unit:

1.) Okay, we know it’s not that unusual and we say it all the time, but it bears repeating – change your filters.
August is the perfect time to swap out that old filter for a fresh one. Not only does it keep the cool air flowing, but it keeps your furnace (the component pushing the cool air out) in good working order. And that’s important since you’ll be needing your furnace in tip top shape when cooler weather comes your way.

2.) Keep your pup away from your air conditioning unit.
For many of us, our dogs are masters of their back yard domain and we like it that way, but if your air conditioning unit lives back there too that can be a problem. Dogs may use the air conditioner as their personal fire hydrant which can cause corrosion to the metal exterior that may precipitate replacement of the entire unit.

We have lots of suggestions for ways to keep your dog friends from damaging your home’s air conditioner – reach out if we can help!

3.) And while you’re at it, keep your chickens away from your air conditioning unit.
So many Coloradans are diving headlong into urban farming and we think it’s terrific. Still, there are a few things to be aware of if you have a coop near your air conditioner.

Yes, chicken poop can be an issue if it is sucked into the unit, but feathers are an even bigger problem. Chicken feathers, much like cottonwood, can clog up your air conditioner as the unit draws air in which can have a detrimental effect on its performance. The clogged internal components work that much harder to cool your home and may, eventually, be the cause for the need of parts replacement.

Keep your coop and your AC far away from one another.

4.) When in doubt, don’t worry about a cover.
It makes sense to be concerned about protecting your expensive and valuable AC unit, but remember that air conditioners are designed to be outdoors and are sturdy enough to handle the elements. And it’s inevitable that the someone will forget about the cover when they turn the AC back on and burn out the compressor.
Leave the cover off and, for heaven’s sake, don’t spray water on it – it’s a piece of electrical equipment.

Leave the professionals to clean it up with annual service!

We’ve heard all kinds of stories of AC woes – if you have an interesting story, please share.
And be sure to reach out if we can help you with any of your AC questions.

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