An air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfy. Easy as that, right? Well, not exactly. When it comes to accurate and optimal air conditioner performance the size of the unit is something you simply cannot ignore.

Size doesn’t account for the dimensions of the unit, but rather the measure of power for making the delivery of cool air into your home possible. The number of Btus (British Thermal Units) per hour calculate how much thermal (heat) energy the unit can add or remove from the air. An underpowered system won’t keep you cool and will cost you large sums of money. An overpowered can wreak havoc, too. Spiking in BTUs, it will quickly cool your home, turn off and spike again when the temperature rises moments later. This too will hit heavy on your wallet with little reward of cool air.

The moral of the story: size matters. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we recommend purchasing an air conditioner not on BTUs alone, but load calculation as well. A load calculation is the measurement of your entire home, including the window area. This formula determines how much cooling and heating you need while considering threats to temperature consistency such as quality of windows and doors, type of insulation, sunlight exposure, ceiling height, etc. And guess what else? Load calculations are required by Xcel Energy when applying for rebates.

Leave the calculations, variables and rebate applications to the professionals. Our goal is to achieve maximum comfort and cost-savings for your home with a job well done. And unlike most all other HVAC companies in the Denver Area, Sensible seals your home’s duct work to increase efficiency and insure cool air on a sweaty summer day. Give us a call today at 720-876-7166 if you suspect your air conditioner doesn’t size up.

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