Power Vent Water Heaters

When it’s time to replace a water heater, we often recommend power vent water heaters. The power vent water heater uses a blower or fan to exhaust gases by pushing them through vent pipes. An important safety feature is that the fan or blower on this style of water heater can provide better airflow to help prevent backdrafts of gasses from entering your home.

Power vent water heaters provide additional flexibility if a home doesn’t have a chimney or vertical vent as it can be vented horizontally. This horizontal venting allows the water heater to be located in any area of the home. Even better, some styles of power vent water heaters can take up less room than the bigger standard water heaters.

But the benefit we hear the most about is the consistent hot water. You can do a load of laundry while taking a shower or run the dishwasher while filling the bathtub for your kids and never run out of hot water.

Even better, there is no need to upgrade to a larger tank size with a power vent water heater because you get more water more quickly. Heat is delivered to the water more quickly with a power vent water heater, which makes it possible to use a smaller tank than a standard water heater.
If you’re considering a new water heater install, reach out to us about the best options for your home.