The Phaseout Of R-22 – What Does That Mean To You?

If your HVAC system was installed prior to 2015, it could be using R-22 refrigerant. That means you may have had maintenance or repairs to charge refrigerantinto your system. . If that’s happened, chances are you’ve also felt the hit to your pocket book. R-22 is a greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to global warming. , The Montreal Protocol is working to eliminate R-22, and plans are to completely phase out production by 2020. As a result, prices for R-22 refrigerant have risen dramatically and the price is over 20 times what it was 10 years ago!

Keep in mind that repairs to units that involve the use of R-22 will be much more expensive.

This can cause concern for homeowners with older units that use R-22 because with this phase out, consumers need to evaluate if they should replace their unit or switch to a new refrigerant. Thankfully, there are alternatives you can use in the place of R-22 that are widely use. .

Sensible Heating & Cooling can help you to determine the age of your unit, the kind of refrigerant it is using, and your options moving into the summer months. Having an experienced technician service your air conditioner can ensure that any leaks are repaired rather than “topped off”. And if switching to an alternative refrigerant makes sense, the technician can help guide you through the process. Reach out to us with questions about the R-22 phase out.