When Should You Make The Geothermal Switch?

So, perhaps you are hoping to switch to geothermal. The
first question you probably have is: When is the best time of year to make the
switch? And you are probably thinking that springtime seems like a strange time
to install geothermal in your home. Well, we have a couple of things for you to

First, making a switch to geothermal is going to provide an
instant reduction in your carbon footprint and energy bills. So, anytime is a
good time to switch! However, we recommend not switching over
to geothermal in the winter. You see, the digging that is required to install a
geothermal system is much easier to complete when the ground is softer. As a
result, we do a lot of our geothermal installations in the spring.

Here is something else to consider: Geothermal can be used
to cool your home in the summer! Therefore, you don’t have to wait until winter
to experience lower energy bills. You can enjoy much lower energy bills as soon
as the summer heat begins. 

Don’t forget that there are geothermal tax credits available
for 2014 so make sure to learn how much money you can expect back to help cover
the cost of your installation. 

If you have questions about installing geothermal in your
home, please contact owner Dan Schmied at dan@sensibleheat.net
or via phone at 720.876.7166.  Don’t
forget that estimates are always free!