Time To Tune Up Your Swamp Cooler?

If you own a swamp cooler in your home, you may be wondering
if you can go ahead and have your unit tuned up before the summer heat arrives.
Well, even though we applaud you trying to get a jump-start on your spring
to-do list, it is probably a bit early to have your swamp cooler tuned up and
turned on.

You see, even though we are starting to have some warm days
up and down the Front Range, what we keep on eye on is the temperatures at
night. This time of year is tricky because we are still seeing very chilly
nights. We don’t want to service and turn on a swamp cooler until the nights
stay above freezing. This is because the water lines can certainly freeze and
then break if it gets too cold.

Every year is different but we tend to look at mid to late
May for servicing swamp coolers. We always keep an eye on the weather and
temperature trends and wait until it is the optimal time. 

If you have questions about tuning up your swamp cooler or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact owner Dan Schmied at dan@sensibleheat.net or via phone at 720.876.7166.