Your Key To Comfort – Zones

Your Key To Comfort – Zones

One of the most common complaints we hear from customers is that parts of their home are hot, while others are freezing cold.  We have some great solutions to help combat this issue.

At Sensible, we like to explore all the options before jumping to install another furnace or air conditioning unit. We recommend, first, that customers learn about the benefits of installing zones in their home.

Zoned HVAC systems allow the home to be divided into two or more separate zones all connecting to a central control panel. The control panel will read when the temperature needs to be adjusted and will open and close vents in the home’s duct system to accommodate. Zones allow more control over the heating and cooling systems and provide individual control of temperature in each zone.

A zoned HVAC system can be a game-changer, as it is perfect for homes that have large opens spaces, multiple levels, large glass windows and sprawling designs. It’s also especially effective for homes with additions, attic spaces and finished basements. However, keep in mind that some houses are not able to have zoning systems installed do to restricted ductwork.

The options for the kind of system that would best work in your home range from simple to high-tech and we’re always happy to help to evaluate what will work best for you. And because new A/C systems are well suited to HVAC zoning, we can also help to make sense of the rebates available that can make updates very affordable.

Let us know if you have any questions about HVAC zoning and if it’s a good fit for your home.

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