Home Air Quality Part 2: A Breath of Humidified Air in a Dry Land

Home Air Quality Part 2: A Breath of Humidified Air in a Dry Land

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we don’t consider our work finished when the thermostat is reading at a comfortable level. Since the cleanliness and the degree of humidity in your home air can have just as big of an impact on your health and comfort, we prefer to take a more holistic approach by evaluating the overall home air quality. The second part of this series examines how to keep the proper amount of moisture in your home. Read part 1 about keeping your home air clean here (link).

In Colorado, HVAC technicians are constantly combating the arid environment outside. While our bodies adapt fairly well to the outside environment with proper hydration, and can even have beneficial effects on allergies and asthma, the indoor environment is a different animal. Dry air being forced through the vents and into your system can cause inflammation in the respiratory system, not to mention dry eyes and dry skin. At best this is an irritating way to live, but too dry of air can also trigger health issues for those prone to upper respiratory issues and more.

Sensible Heating and Cooling offers two types of whole-home humidifiers to counter dry air.

Evaporative Humidifiers

The evaporative humidifier runs off of the furnace, using the energy of the furnace to operate. Since it does not need its own source of energy, they tend to use up less energy than a steam humidifier and are a cheaper equipment purchase as well. However, since the humidifiers only operate at the same time as the furnace does, you only have the option to humidify the air while the furnace is on.

The humidifiers operate by blowing water into the air with a fan, making it hygienic because the moisture being pumped into your home is free of dust. Depending on the type of evaporative humidifier you have, it either requires changing a porous filter or cleaning out and caring for rotating plastic discs. In general, the evaporative option does a solid job, and at a friendly price, they definitely are the most popular option for our customers.

Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers have gained a good following of late. In addition to the increased amount of moisture they create, the humidifier gives off a sterile moisture since the steam can kill most bacteria and viruses. Steam humidifiers operate by an independent source of electricity, and while they do use more energy, they have the ability to operate even if your furnace is switched off. On a temperate, but still dry day (and that is a lot of days in Colorado), steam humidifiers can be a real boon for home air quality.

Maintenance for steam humidifiers involves cleaning out lime scale that builds up inside the unit periodically, and is fairly easy. Along with the extra benefits, they predictably come in at a higher price point than the evaporative humidifiers. Both work well.

In choosing a humidifier, you are generally weighing three things: cost, efficiency vs. effectiveness, and health benefits (and associated risks with some of the cheaper models that we don’t sell).

Why not let the experts help you find the best humidifier for your circumstances? Please give us a call at 720-876-7166 or email the owner at dan@sensibleheat.net to get advice and a free consultation for your home!

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