Creating a Home “Force Field” Against Allergens

Creating a Home “Force Field” Against Allergens

Allergies! We’re hear from our clients about allergies the most in the spring when allergens are making everything a little more difficult. Runny nose, itchy eyes, and all the typical symptoms that make you feel crummy.

Thankfully, we’re always happy to recommend filters and electronic air cleaners that can help to create a force field in the home to keep unpleasant allergens out of your home. The best filter to create that barrier is the MicroPower Guard filter. It is a cost effective and easy way to maintain clean air in the home. The filter provides excellent control of larger and submicronic particles and, because it is electrostatically charged, it attracts many of the smallest and most dangerous airborne allergens. When the air is recycled through the MicroPower Guard in your ductwork, this air cleaner will remove 97% of particles at .3 microns. Each filter pad remains at peak operating efficiency for about 4 months and comes with a 24 volt power supply with very low consumption.

We are happy to report that we once again have access to this filter through Praxiss. If you have questions about this filter or any other options we offer, please reach out!

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