Water Heaters

Advantage of Solar Water Heaters

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we get a lot of questions about solar water heaters, and the overall cost of installing one versus how much you will save once you have one installed. Here are some of the benefits to installing a solar hot water heater: · Solar water heaters will significantly reduce your energy [...]

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Choosing A Reliable Contractor

A lot of our clients ask us for tips on choosing a reliable and honest contractor, especially when it comes to a newer technology like geothermal or solar energy. Here are a few things to check for: State licensing & certification References & proof of past experience, especially with alternative energy jobs like geothermal IGSHPA [...]

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You may have heard of solar hot water heaters, and wondered if they are the right fit for your home. Solar hot water heaters include storage tanks and solar collectors. There are passive and active systems, as well as different collector options. Depending on your home and family situation, a Sensible Energy representative can help [...]

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