Mountain Friends – Time For Furnace Tuneups

If you live in the mountain towns just outside of the Front Range (or if you've been camping up there in the last few weeks), you know that there is suddenly a real chill in the air overnight. From the perspective of a heating and cooling company, of course, this means one thing: furnace tuneups! [...]

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Fixing Leaky Ducts

To ensure that you are getting the most from your HVAC system, fixing leaky ducts should be a priority. Ducts are what take your heated or cooled air from the source (either AC or furnace) to your living space. Having leaky ducts is similar to leaving a window open while your AC or furnace is [...]

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Our New Garage

Our team is growing, which means our business is growing too. To give ourselves a little more room to maneuver, we recently leased a new garage space at Garage Town in Littleton, Colorado. We use the garage for fabrication and for storing equipment and parts. This new garage space is allowing us to be more [...]

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What Services Does Sensible & Cooling Offer?

Sensible Heating and Cooling offers very comprehensive services for HVAC and Geothermal systems in the Denver Metro and Front Range regions (we are proud to serve many of the smaller mountain towns that other HVAC and Geothermal companies won't travel to!). But we can't do everything! Here is a full list of the services we [...]

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Why We Don’t Sell HVAC Parts

If we had an FAQ page, one question that would definitely be included is "Do you sell HVAC parts?" It's certainly a fair question to ask an HVAC company, but our answer is a resounding "NO!" Not because we don't want to provide the services our customers want or because we are somehow stingy with [...]

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HVAC Zoning for Whole House Comfort

Do you struggle every summer with a boiling hot upstairs and an Arctic downstairs? Or have a certain room in your house that gets all the sun? HVAC zoning might be the answer! Zoning means splitting your home into sections that can be heated or cooled independently. This adds comfort as well as helps reduce [...]

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