Service Area: We Serve the Foothill Communities

Did you know that Sensible Heating and Cooling's service area extends well into the foothills? We serve the south metro area of Denver as well as the Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Elizabeth, and Pine communities. Many HVAC companies don't travel this far, so please give Sensible a call if you live south of Denver or in [...]

UV Lights for Your Home: Zap Those Bugs!

This cold and flu season has been quite the doozy.  At the doctor last week, she just sat down and asked, "So, do you have what everyone else has?" And though it might be run-of-the-mill for doctors, when you or your family is suffering from YET ANOTHER illness, it feels pretty significant.  So you might be wondering [...]

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Who Benefits Most From Geothermal?

While any homeowner who is able to make the switch over to Geothermal will see benefits such as a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills, there is one customer that will see the largest decrease in energy costs. Can you guess? Those with bigger homes? Those with smaller homes? Those with brand new homes? [...]

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Can I Get Geothermal?

Word about Geothermal has certainly been circulating lately. A lot of people are hearing about it in the context of new home construction and aren’t sure if it is something that they could switch to with their existing home. It can certainly be confusing trying to understand if you are a good fit for a [...]

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Sensible Featured In Denver Post Article

Have you heard that news? Sensible Heating & Cooling was recently featured in an article in the Denver Post. We are thrilled! The article features information about a geothermal system that we installed for a new home build in the Park Hill neighborhood. The home is going to be featured in the Park Hill Home [...]

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Home Featured in Parade Of Homes

For 36 years the neighborhood of Park Hill has put together their annual Home Tour and Street Fair. This year we are proud to announce that one of the homes we have worked on is going to be featured in the parade! As part of a new modern home build in the historic neighborhood, the [...]

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