XCEL Qualifies More Customers for Geothermal Pump Rebates

Good news for Sensible Heating & Cooling customers who may not have previously qualified for rebates on our geothermal heat pump installations. A recent reinterpretation of the rules allows all residents opting for the more energy efficient method to qualify for the Ground Source Heat Pump (GHSP) rebate program. Prior to the ruling, those who [...]

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Carbon Footprint – What Is It & How To Reduce It

It's probably a buzzword you hear a lot - carbon footprint. But what exactly is a carbon footprint, and why do so many people (especially those in environmentally-conscious Colorado) care about reducing theirs? Here is a quick snapshot of what it means, and some things to consider if you would like to reduce your own [...]

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What Services Does Sensible & Cooling Offer?

Sensible Heating and Cooling offers very comprehensive services for HVAC and Geothermal systems in the Denver Metro and Front Range regions (we are proud to serve many of the smaller mountain towns that other HVAC and Geothermal companies won't travel to!). But we can't do everything! Here is a full list of the services we [...]

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Solar vs. Geothermal: Green Energy Comparison

If you ask someone what "green" energy options they know about or are considering installing in their own home, most will list solar panels right off the bat. But solar is not the only green energy option out there. Geothermal systems also provide energy savings and reduced footprint. So which one is right for you? [...]

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Geothermal System Servicing: Make a Good Thing Better

Have you recently installed a geothermal system? Congratulations! We are extremely strong supporters of these energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and we're sure that you're already seeing an impact on your energy bills. As with any system, though, it's important that you do regular geothermal system servicing to ensure that it continues to run [...]

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