Air Conditioning

Loaded Opportunities for Cool-Savings

Money in your pocket and cool air on your face…it’s not a cheesy TV commercial. It’s your reality when you enlist Sensible Heating & Cooling to inspect sizes and load-bearing HVAC equipment in your home. Accurate size and load of equipment ensures optimal functioning and minimal energy consumption – something of importance when local energy [...]

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Size Matters: Air Conditioners and Load Calculation

An air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfy. Easy as that, right? Well, not exactly. When it comes to accurate and optimal air conditioner performance the size of the unit is something you simply cannot ignore. Size doesn’t account for the dimensions of the unit, but rather the measure of power for making the [...]

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Navigating the Lifeline of Your Air Conditioner

Wondering if it’s time to purchase a new air conditioner for your home? Sensible Heating & Cooling breaks down “all things air conditioner” in this edition of our blog. Rate of Use. Generally, HVAC experts suggest the lifespan of an air conditioner is 12-15 years, although it’s hard to assign a specific number. Frequency of [...]

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How R-22 Will Nickel and Dime You

Last month, Sensible Heating & Cooling devoted an entire blog to the Federal Government’s fast-approaching 2020 deadline to eliminate the production of R-22 refrigerant. In this edition we’re shedding more light on what production limitations mean for your wallet, if you continue to rely upon R-22 for cool air within your home. While this 2015 [...]

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Airing Sensible Heating & Cooling’s Social Responsibility

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, “recharging an air conditioner” has you searching Google for a basic understanding of the terminology. What your research might reveal is “recharging” means to add more or refill refrigerant – the agent responsible for producing cool air within an air conditioner. What the basic Google search might not [...]

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Ensuring Your A/C Runs All Summer

True or False: The average lifespan of a residential air conditioner is 12-15 years. As a general rule of thumb, most HVAC experts agree this to be true, but it’s actually quite difficult to put a specific number on the number of years your AC will last. Run time and proper maintenance both play a [...]

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Allergies Be Gone With Sensible Heating & Cooling

Allergies! ‘Tis the season for runny noses, itchy eyeballs and sore throats – all the typical symptoms of environmental allergies. If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who suffer this time of year, you’ll be glad to know Sensible Heating & Cooling has a few suggestions for making your nights and days a little [...]

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Get in the Zone This Summer

As the days are warming up, so too are the nights. Beat the heat by outfitting your home with zoned HVAC systems. These sophisticated, yet simple systems divide homes into two or more different zones allowing for more consistent (or varied) internal temperatures. A central control panel connects the zones and adjusts the temperatures when [...]

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It’s Tune-up Time: $99 Air Conditioner Service

Let Sensible Heating & Cooling help you begin preparing for the summer warm up with our current $99 air conditioner tune-up special. After all, the official start to summer is only 43 days away. The money-saving opportunity expires Monday, May 21st. An air conditioner tune-up is an important part of keeping your system running smoothly [...]

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Changes Ahead for Modern-Day Air Conditioners

Freon. It’s a bit of a necessity when it comes to air conditioners. As a refrigerant or coolant, its what produces cool air. So, with the Federal Government set to outlaw the R-22 Freon variety in 2020 due to its harmful environmental agents, how will air conditioners remain relevant? Will you need to purchase a [...]

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