Carbon Footprint – What Is It & How To Reduce It

Carbon Footprint – What Is It & How To Reduce It

It’s probably a buzzword you hear a lot – carbon footprint. But what exactly is a carbon footprint, and why do so many people (especially those in environmentally-conscious Colorado) care about reducing theirs? Here is a quick snapshot of what it means, and some things to consider if you would like to reduce your own carbon footprint.

* What does the term “carbon footprint” mean? It is historically defined as the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, and expressed as CO2e. In more laymen’s terms, it is measurement of the direct emissions of gases that cause climate change in the atmosphere.

* Why is it so important to ecologically-minded people? Essentially, it is because these emissions cause global warming. Consumers who are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint are attempting to slow global warming by consuming products that are designed to reduce the amount of gases emitted, purchasing homes modeled to use sustainable energy and driving hybrid or smart cars to reduce fuel consumption.

* How does geothermal energy fit into this? Many of our clients who request geothermal energy systems for their home love it because it uses the earth as a source for their heating and cooling. Rather than a traditional HVAC system that uses fossil fuels to heat your home, geothermal uses the ground source loop to heat and cool the home, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the home.

We have built several custom homes utilizing geothermal energy, and our clients love both the money they save on energy costs, as well as the positive impact they are making on the planet. If you have questions about geothermal or are interested in learning more about how geothermal will work for your homes, please call us today at 720-876-7166.

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