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20 Jul

Why We Don’t Sell HVAC Parts

If we had an FAQ page, one question that would definitely be included is “Do you sell HVAC parts?” It’s certainly a fair question to ask an HVAC company, but our answer is a resounding “NO!” Not because we don’t want to provide the services our customers want or because we are somehow stingy with

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13 Jul

Good Questions: Do I Need a Separate Breaker for AC?

We recently spoke to a homeowner who found herself in a tricky situation. Her home is for sale, and she was giving some potential buyers a tour when her air conditioner tripped the breaker and shut off. This obviously raised some concerns for the potential buyers, who were worried both about the state of the

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30 Jun

Welcoming Sensible’s Newest Hire

We are very pleased to welcome Jason Brockman to Sensible Heating and Cooling. Jason came to us with over 20 years of HVAC experience, including installation and plumbing. Jason currently lives in Bailey, Colorado, with his family. When he’s not working, he loves to go hunting and fishing. Jason is off to a great start,

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22 Jun

Why Change Your Furnace Filter in the Summer?

When we tell people that you need to change your furnace filter in the summer, we are often met with blank stares. Why would they need to do furnace maintenance when they aren’t using their furnace? But what many people don’t realize is that your air conditioner actually runs off of your furnace–the two systems

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15 Jun

HVAC Zoning for Whole House Comfort

Do you struggle every summer with a boiling hot upstairs and an Arctic downstairs? Or have a certain room in your house that gets all the sun? HVAC zoning might be the answer! Zoning means splitting your home into sections that can be heated or cooled independently. This adds comfort as well as helps reduce

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08 Jun

Installing an Attic Vent Fan: An Alternative Cooling Option

Attic vent fans are not considered to be a replacement to a traditional air conditioner, but rather a supplement that can help reduce the work your AC has to do and thus cut your energy bills. Installing an attic vent fan can be a great option for people who already have a functioning AC but

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01 Jun

AC Tune-Up: Book Now with an Annual Service Agreement

It finally feels like spring in Colorado, and most of us have been getting into that annual spring cleaning frame of mind. But while you’re washing windows, mulching garden beds, and airing out your home, don’t forget to include your air conditioner in the to-do list! An annual AC tune-up is key to efficient, effective

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25 May

Turning Off Your AC in Hot Weather: Don’t Do It!

Many people think that turning their AC off during the day while they are at work will help them save energy and extend the life of the air conditioner. But we tell people to keep the AC on at all times during hot weather. Though it might seem counterintuitive, turning off your AC doesn’t pay

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18 May

What You Need to Know about Freon ACs

Though many people still talk about “Freon” in air conditioners, this type of refrigerant (actually a trademarked class of CFC chemical compounds) has been implicated in ozone depletion and has thus been phased out as a result of the Montreal Protocol. Though this was originally entered into force in 1989, the phasing out of Freon

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16 May

Solar vs. Geothermal: Green Energy Comparison

If you ask someone what “green” energy options they know about or are considering installing in their own home, most will list solar panels right off the bat. But solar is not the only green energy option out there. Geothermal systems also provide energy savings and reduced footprint. So which one is right for you?

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