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21 Dec

Happy Holidays From Sensible Heating & Cooling

The year is winding down, the holidays are approaching, and all of us at Sensible Heating & Cooling are looking forward to spending time with friends and family. But before we get to 2017, we would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have supported Sensible throughout the year by trusting us with all

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07 Dec

Tankless Water Heaters Make All the Sense (and $100.00 More)

Between the energy efficiency and superior functionality, tankless water heaters leave little reason to look back at the old internal storage systems (cold showers, anyone?). The only disadvantage in going with a tankless unit can be the increased cost upfront for purchase and install. Sensible Heating & Cooling can help you buffer that cost by

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30 Nov

Furnace Certifications and Checkups: What You Need to Know

Both furnace checkups and furnace certifications entail a careful step-by-step process of testing to monitor the safety and operational wellbeing of your home furnace. There are two vital aspects involved: (most importantly) the service addresses the dangers of a damaged furnaces so you can avoid them, and secondly, it checks over how well your unit

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16 Nov

All the Reasons to Act in 2016 (With 12 months Free of Interest!)

With the tax year wrapping up and so much economic uncertainty ahead, we wanted to make sure customers know about our 12-month no interest financing plan through Synchrony Financial. Good for all equipment installs, the plan allows customers the freedom to take care of their HVAC system upgrades now and have up to a year

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09 Nov

XCEL Qualifies More Customers for Geothermal Pump Rebates

Good news for Sensible Heating & Cooling customers who may not have previously qualified for rebates on our geothermal heat pump installations. A recent reinterpretation of the rules allows all residents opting for the more energy efficient method to qualify for the Ground Source Heat Pump (GHSP) rebate program. Prior to the ruling, those who

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02 Nov

How Can Improper Furnace Installation Cost You?

Improper furnace installation can be quite serious, and can cost your family in more ways than just a higher heating bill each winter. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we are quite serious when it comes to properly installing a furnace, and we strongly recommend that you use a company that takes that same approach. Here

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26 Oct

Old Freon v. New Freon – What is the Deal?

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we often get questions about why clients should or should not replace their air conditioners that utilize R-22 Freon (which is the Freon that most air conditioners currently use). Here is a brief overview of the most asked questions, and our take on this whole situation. Will I need to

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19 Oct

Improving The Air Quality of Your Home

Every year around this time, we start getting a lot of questions about humidifiers, filters and other air quality issues that people are dealing with in their homes. With the allergens and pollution in the air, keeping the air in your home cleaner can have a big impact on the health of your family. So

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12 Oct

Upside to Replacing Your Furnace 

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we hear from a lot of people who have a furnace that is between 15 and 20 years old, and they are wondering what the benefits to replacing their furnace are. Besides the obvious, there are a lot of benefits to replacing your furnace before an emergency. * Energy Savings:

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05 Oct

Carbon Footprint – What Is It & How To Reduce It

It’s probably a buzzword you hear a lot – carbon footprint. But what exactly is a carbon footprint, and why do so many people (especially those in environmentally-conscious Colorado) care about reducing theirs? Here is a quick snapshot of what it means, and some things to consider if you would like to reduce your own

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