The Benefits of a Separate Breaker for Your AC

The Benefits of a Separate Breaker for Your AC

There is nothing more irksome than having disruptions in air conditioning service because of an unreliable breaker. You might not even notice that it’s switched off until the temperature changes and then the air conditioner has to work harder to cool your house again once you get it turned back on. And the worse part is that if the breaker can’t support the air conditioner, the frustrating cycle happens all over again. That’s why we suggest that customers always consider the benefits of a breaker specifically for their A/C.

Most new homes today are built with a separate breaker for the A/C, but older homes might not have the electrical work to compensate for a new air conditioning system. If it is the case that you are replacing an older air conditioning unit with it’s own dedicated circuit, then you need to make sure that the amperage of the circuit is adequate for the new air conditioner. Typically speaking, if your home is older than 15 years, you should ask your estimator about adding a separate breaker. Most estimators will alert you to an issue, however, you should be aware that upgrading electrical may be necessary if you live in an older home.

We’re always happy to come out and take a peek at your current electrical work and help give you a precise recommendation based on your electrical panel. We have several reliable companies that we recommend if you are looking to upgrade your panel or add a circuit.

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