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It’s Time for Your Air Conditioner Tuneup

Here is our annual PSA about scheduling your air conditioner maintenance. An air conditioner tuneup is an important part of keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. Here's what we do during each air conditioner tuneup: A thorough cleaning. Dirt and debris tend to build up on the unit over the [...]

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AC vs. Heat Pump for Cooling Your Home

Though it sounds counterintuitive, a heat pump is actually wonderful for cooling your home. A heat pump does move heat, but this means that it extracts heat from the outside air and pumps it inside when it's cold out, and it extracts the heat from the air inside your house in the summer and pumps it [...]

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What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and How We Can Help You Prevent It

When choosing a heating and air conditioning company for your home, you are in effect trusting them with the lives of you and your family. A poor functioning or improperly installed furnace can be highly dangerous, and deceptively so. The main culprit: Carbon Monoxide. We at Sensible Heating & Cooling take this part of our [...]

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Radiant Floor Heating and Snow Melt Systems: Cozy Like Sunday Morning

Sensible Heating & Cooling offers the best options in making your home comfortable while reducing your utility bills. For winter time, there are no better options out there than radiant floor heating and outdoor snow melt systems, which work on the same principle. A series of pipes, originating from a boiler or a geothermal system, [...]

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